audiobook production


Canarit produces immersive audiobooks that provide listeners with a cinematic-like listening experience. We work with publishers, authors, and distribution platforms to create multi-cast audiobooks and audio dramas in English and other languages.


Who’s ready for a story? Imagine the most exquisite sets you could think of, out-of-this-world colors, the laughter and gasps of the crowd. The swell of the music as your emotions rise up in your chest. It feels so real; you can practically feel the heat of the auditorium around you. But then you open your eyes to your own living room. You’ve just been transported to the world of a story with Canarit Audiobooks.

Canarit Audiobooks. More than a story, an experience. 


Audiobook Casting

The narrator is the listeners’ guide to your story. It is their voice that will calm the listener, excite them, flirt with them, motivate them, and essentially walk them down the protagonists’ path. It’s their voice that sets the tone for your entire story. That’s why casting the perfect narrator is critical to the overall feel of your story. We are confident that your dream voice is in our roster of audiobook narrators, and if they’re not, we’ll find them!


Audiobook Pre-Production

There is a lot of meticulous planning and forethought that goes into each of our audiobooks before they reach our listener’s ears. We collaborate with the publisher, the author, their representatives, and our voice talent to form a cohesive sound for your story.

Together we will carve out the story’s tone, the growth of characters, and the pace of the plot—all to ensure that the richness of the written word will translate to a captivating audio experience and transport the listener to the heart of your story.


Audiobook Recording

This is where we hear all of our collective hard work start to fall into place. Over multiple recording sessions, we will work closely with our chosen audiobook narrators and actors to make your story come to life. Our team will also curate, create, and design a catalog of rich sounds, tones, and music to accentuate the depth of your message. Our team is present every step of the way, making suggestions on tone, depth, pronunciation, and pace, where applicable, to create top-quality content.


FAQ Audiobook Production

Q: What is the difference between audiobook production to audiobook publishing?

A: An audiobook production team will work hand in hand with you to piece together the entire auditory experience of your story. They will translate your story from the written word into an immersive full-scale listening experience. Complete with sound effects, music, and often multiple voice actors.

Q: How do you choose an audiobook narrator?

A: Selecting an audiobook narrator plays a huge part in the overall sound of your audiobook but is certainly not the first step in the production process. First, we will identify the overall tone of the book, consider the pace, actions, thoughts, and demographics of key characters, and how we want to present this all to our listeners. From here, we will be able to select a list of potential candidates from our roster of voice talents and hold additional auditions to match the vibe perfectly.

Q: What genres are best suited for an immersive audiobook production? 

A: Any story or book can be turned into a full-scale immersive audiobook production. However, certain themes pack an extra punch. Fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery offer many auditory-rich scenarios to present to your listeners. Content and storylines that are suspenseful, action-packed, and emotional translate to audiobooks extremely well.